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An Introduction to Container Gardening

Container gardening can be easy for families! The Education team at Hershey Gardens reviews container selection, the importance of drainage, how to select the right kinds of plants, and watering needs to help you build a great container. Special thanks to the Hershey Public Library for hosting part of the video.

Grow Kale, Eat Kale! An intro to growing and eating kale.

The Education team at Hershey Gardens walks you through how to start kale from a seed to harvest and ends with how to make kale chips for you and your family to enjoy. Additionally, learn the benefits of growing kale in a container or in soil under a row cover.

Experiment with re-growing kitchen scraps

Learn how to regrow celery, romaine, bok choy, carrot tops and green onions from kitchen scraps!

Fruit and Vegetable Storage Guide: How to Make Your Produce Last Longer

The education team at Hershey Gardens reviews tips and tricks for storing common fruits and vegetables on the counter and refrigerator. Plus, learn how to blanch and freeze your harvest of green beans to enjoy in the off season.

Top Tips to Grow Strawberries from Runners

Learn how to successfully grow strawberry plants from runners typically available at your local garden center each spring!

Tips and Tricks for Growing Tomatoes

Horticulturalist Ruth Chambers joins the Education Team to review simple tips for growing healthy, happy tomato plants. Additionally, learn how to save your tomato seeds to grow next year!

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