Explore the many distinct theme gardens at Hershey Gardens

Historic Hershey Rose Garden

The historical highlight of Hershey Gardens, this is where it all began in 1937. The brilliant assortment of 3,000 roses representing 115 varieties includes an interesting mix of heights, colors and flower forms of Hybrid Tea, floribunda, shrub, and miniature roses, and features the new AARS rose variety winners each year. View Gallery >>

Seasonal Display Garden

One of the most colorful displays in the Gardens, the Seasonal Display Garden is a favorite of repeat visitors. The spring gladly welcomes thousands of daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths; the summer boasts colorful annuals; and the fall features chrysanthemums from deep red to sun-drenched yellow.

M.S. Hershey Tribute Garden

Created in 2012 to commemorate Hershey Gardens’ 75th anniversary, this area honors Mr. Hershey’s love of horticulture and beauty. This garden showcases the newly revitalized M.S. Hershey Rose, a special seating area and colorful plants and shrubs.

Perennial Garden

Surround yourself in the spring and summer with amazing displays of spring daffodils, rhododendrons, summer coneflowers, black-eyed susans and joe-pye weed. In the fall, walk among the ornamental grasses and bold-colored chrysanthemums.

Herb Garden

A feast for the senses! The Herb Garden, featuring medicinal, aromatic, household, culinary, and dye-making plants, is a place to see, smell and feel plants that impact our daily lives.

Native Plant Garden

This new garden celebrates plants that are native to northeastern North America.

Rock Garden

A garden for all seasons! This textural collection of mature dwarf conifers, hollies, boxwoods, and dogwoods creates a subtly colorful display of green, blue, gold and burgundy foliage interplanted with an assortment of spring bulbs and colorful perennials set among large rocks.

Senses Garden

Be immersed in the scents, textures, sounds and colors of plants and related elements. Perfect for guests of all ages!

Japanese Garden

Take some time to enjoy the relaxing sound of a peaceful stream and tranquil reflective pond. This secluded garden features rare giant sequoias, Dawn Redwood trees, Japanese maples, as well as a plethora of ground covers, perennials and various shrub layers.

The Bill Bowman Garden

Lovingly dedicated to a former Hershey Gardens director, this beautiful garden features a magnificent bronze sculpture and a collection of “Knock-Out” rose varieties.

The Children’s Garden

Revitalized in 2023, this amazing educational garden is filled with surprise hideaways, creatures and whimsical characters – all within 32 themed gardens. Truly a garden to sweeten the imagination! More Info >>  View Gallery >>

Oak Grove

Mighty oaks provide a quiet, shady place to rest and watch the squirrels do all the work!


See the Four Seasons statues and surround yourself with trees such as horsechestnuts, majestic willow oaks, bald cypress, beech, hemlock and fragrant snowbell as they adorn this shady area.