Homeschool Programs

Hershey Gardens is proud to offer programs to homeschool groups of 15 or more students from approximately the same grade level. Program options are below. Please email or call 717-508-5968 to make reservations.

Green Thumbs

Mid-April through Mid-May
Kindergarten - Grade 3

Students will cultivate their own green thumbs as they explore the importance of living plants. Planting a seed to take home, tending to our garden and examining plants up close are some the activities your students will enjoy.


Tree Walk Adventure

Mid-April through Mid-May and October
Grades 4 and 5

Use a “dichotomous key” to identify trees native to the Eastern United States, learn some interesting facts about the trees at Hershey Gardens, and enjoy the Conifer collection and Arboretum Walk at Hershey Gardens. Trees chosen represent the wide variety that you find in your neighborhood, as well as some trees less common to this area.


Amazing Butterflies

Late May, June and September
Kindergarten - Grade 5

This popular program shows children some of the unique characteristics that make this beautiful insect a favorite of many. A tour of the Butterfly House is a highlight of the trip.


A Day in the Life of an Eastern Woodland Indian

October and November
Kindergarten - Grade 3
What was life like for the Eastern Woodland Indians? Join us for a fun, hands-on program that will explore the important role of nature in their everyday life. Students will learn how the Eastern Woodland Indians used natural resources to feed, clothe, and shelter their families. Your class can help furnish a wigwam, grind corn, and handle regional artifacts.


Self-Guided Exploration

You will be provided with one of the following in conjunction with your guided program:

Garden Quest

Kindergarten - Grade 5
Chaperones are provided with all the materials needed to help their group explore the many wonders of Hershey Gardens as students use the Gardens as their classroom.